Advertiser's Fee

Perclick's Ad is CPM model base. The lowest bid start from $0.3.
Minimum deposit $50.00.
Payment method: Wing, True money, ABA.
* We accept Payza for over sea.
* Payza + 4% fee.

Can I Use Perclick's Ad With Google Adsense Ads or Other Ad Networks?

You can use our ads with any other ad network you want. Just be sure not to over saturate your site with banners and popunders.

How Long Does It Take to Approve My Account?

During business days (Monday - Friday) your account (domain, ad zone) application will be reviewed within 24 hours. During the weekends it might take up to 48 hours to review.

What Is the Requirement to Join Perclick's Ad?

Perclick warmly welcome all publishers around the world. There are some requiement to join this ads network:
1. Website full with content;
2. Website rank under 1M in alexa;
3. Website that has minimum visitors 50,000 monthly;

* For blogger please discuss with DEN Chuch (Skype)

Payment Processing

- Minimum payout: 100$;
- Net day: 30 days;
- Payment date: 21st;
- Payment type: Pending (Pending balance is the earning of last month);
Payment method: TRUE MONEY, Western union.

* Payment may delay due to public holiday / weekend.

Top 3 Reasons to Join Perclick's Ad?

Perclick is a premium pubisher from Adsterra. There are top 3 reasons to join Perclick:
1. Apply only Perclick's Ad will get 3 ads (Mgid, Adnow, Adsterra)
2. We maximize your earn; ex: Adsterra pay less to KH so we don't display Adsterra to KH visitor. Mean it will display mgid, adnow ad only
3. We save your transfer fee; ex: Mgid wire fee 40$ + local bank fee 10$. Mean with Perclick's Ad you pay 0$ fee.

Please Note: Your current report is only ESTIMATED, we will add profit (GOOD TRAFFIC) / reduce profit (BAD TRAFFIC) at every end of month.